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If you’re visiting this site, it’s likely you not only have an interest in church but you surf the web. With that assumption, I offer you a sampling of Christian websites that I find useful, informative, and/or entertaining.



For religious news, I find two magazines to be particularly valuable. The
Christian Century ( offers a mainline perspective while Christianity Today ( provides an evangelical one.

Oremus ( offers an easy to use Bible search engine. Just type in the Scripture citation and moments later the text (in your choice of versions!) appears.

If you’re interested in reading the week’s lectionary passages, visit the
Revised Common Lectionary page provided by Vanderbilt Divinity Library ( . You’ll not only get the text, but links to related art and prayers, too.

I currently serve as a Trustee of the
Massachusetts Bible Society ( MassBible has a page that offers links to resources that will help you in your exploration of Scripture. If you have a question about the Bible, this is the place to go: just use the Ask-a-Prof feature and your query will be submitted to a group of biblical scholars who will offer a variety of responses!

Love a hymn but don’t remember the tune? Is there a hymn tune name that seems familiar but you can’t place it? Two sites can help you:
NetHymnal ( and the Cyber Hymnal ( both have libraries of more than 2,000 hymns. You can search by title, tune, composer, and more. And each site allows you to listen to midi files!

Anglicans Online has everything Anglican: church directories, worship resources, historical items, and more. I only wish something like this existed for Congregationalists!

Ship of Fools bills itself as the “Magazine of Christian Unrest.” With Mystery Worshiper reviews of church services and helpful features like the Twelve Days of Kitschmas, what’s not to like?